Chimborazo, Ecuador - 20,561'

My climbing buddy Anthony Melov and I just returned from climbing Chimborazo, the highest peak in Ecuador.  Summit day was a ball-buster!  For those of you who know about climbing Ecuador's volcanoes, they are typically summited in the dark.  On Chimbo, due to the soft snow and rock fall that daytime sunlight brings, we left for the summit at 11pm and climbed by headlamp for eight hours.

We also headed to Ojos del Salado, the highest peak in Chile for a summit attempt, but unfortunately, due to car troubles (long story), we ran out of time to reach the summit. We approached Ojos from the Argentina side which include a 4 hour 4WD ride to the 13,000 mule camp, and then an 18 mile hike to Agua de la Vicuna at 16,500.  It's a long long approach to climb Ojos from the Argentina side.  We came up about 3-4 days short.